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Your High-Powered Contracting Department

LMc Solutions delivers measurable results to our clients, results that contribute to profitable performance and streamlined operations.

Contract Negotiations

Our long-term business relationships with the major commercial payors gets us to the bargaining table on your behalf. Our expertise gets you the rates and increases that deliver the healthy year-to-year revenue gains your enterprise needs to thrive.

Comprehensive Review and Analysis of Current Payor Contracts

  • Review contract verbiage and terms
  • Analyze and compare rates with proprietary database
  • Identify rate enhancement opportunities


  • Credentialing and re-credentialing associated with payor contracting

Contract Negotiations

  • Negotiate new contracts with targeted payors/plans
  • Negotiate rate enhancements with currently contracted payors/plans
  • Vet unsolicited contracting opportunities

Staff Training and Education

Contract Management Tool Kit

The Contract Management Tool Kit helps you and your staff to understand your revenue sources, create an effective revenue cycle infrastructure, know how much you are supposed to be paid, and optimize revenue performance.

Contract Management Summary

  • Master matrix of contracts, effective dates, renewal dates, term notice requirements, and contact information for proactive contract renewal/renegotiation management.

Contract Terms

  • Maps contracts and material terms side-by-side in a handy one-sheet user-friendly format for optimizing contract performance and maximizing revenue.

Top Procedures Contract Allowables

  • Lists most-often-billed CPT codes and contract allowable rates across all contracted payors to facilitate accurate payment reconciliation and identify revenue enhancement opportunities and strategies.

Revenue Cycle Management

Contract performance is maximized only through rigorous and effective Revenue Cycle Management.

Business Office Work Flow Analysis

  • Scheduling, pre-authorization, insurance verification, registration, coding, charge capture, billing, payment reconciliation, and collections
  • Staffing assessments
  • “Best Practice" business office benchmarks and metrics
  • Work Flow Audit Map and process improvement recommendations
  • Tool Kit templates (co-insurance collections, appeals, patient-friendly letter series)

Aged Receivables Clean-up and Recovery

  • Aged receivables analysis
  • Recovery management
  • Collections plans
  • Zero balance audit
  • Denials audit and appeals

Charge Master Pricing

“Your experience in our market has been invaluable in achieving the best rate increases possible.”
Surgery Center Administrator